Multona is a car colour tone search system that covers the original colour tones of a wide range of automobile makes and types.

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Multona: The Multi-Color-(Aerosol) Spray (Paint)-System

Multona is a Multi-Color-(Aerosol) Spray (Paint)-System for quick, simple and inexpensive paintwork repairs on cars. The system is based on a finely graded, logically structured colour spectrum. A Multona colour tone corresponds to the narrowly defined tolerance of the original colour tones of the most important automobile makes (e.g. VW/Audi, Mercedes, Ford, Opel, Toyota etc.). Additionally Multona matches the main CV, Construction, Agriculture, RAL and house colors. Multona spray paints are ideally suited for small to medium-sized paint repairs on cars, but can also be used for decorative or creative painting projects. All Multona spray paints, even the metallic paints, are 1-coat paints, i.e. it is not absolutely necessary to coat with clear lacquer, however, to improve the shine and weather resistance, we recommend applying a Multona 2-coat clearcoat (Art.No. 600 999). Kindly note: MULTONA colors are approximate colors and not the original colors.

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A Multona colour tone covers the colours of several automobile makes and car types.
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