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Environmental investments

Environmental protection and the careful use of resources has been a priority at Kwasny for a long time. Also, the company site has been located in a water protection area for many years. Recently, several million Euros were invested in the fields of technology, environmental protection, fire prevention and disaster control. We are certified to ISO 14001:2004 Environment management and work with a safety management system that defines all feasible disasters including countermeasures. Our commitment to environmental protection is documented in our compliance with the Federal Water Resources Act and the Immission Control Act. Fire prevention in our company is guaranteed thanks to the automatic extinguishing equipment and an in-house fire-fighting group.

  • A buried liquid gas tank farm and thermally insulated roof construction
  • The waste heat from the compressed air generation unit is used for heating purposes  
  • Hazardous substances warehouse in accordance with the Federal Water Resources Act
  • In-house return-refill system replaces container cleaning system
  • Recycling of waste (e.g. plastic variants flow into production)
  • Reduction of VOC*emissions thanks to state-of-the-art filling technology in closed systems (actively helps to keep the air clean)

The Kwasny spray paint cans satisfy the current statutory VOC regulations in accordance with the EC Directive VOC 2004/42/EC. The VOC limit values that apply for car repair products are undercut. The modern filling technology in closed systems not only saves significantly on solvents but also ensures an almost emission-free filling process. This means that Kwasny already satisfies the regulations governing the restriction of pollutant emissions when using organic solvents.

Environmental protection is not just a marketing instrument for Kwasny, it is a matter of course as part of its sustainability endeavours.

* VOC = Volatile Organic Compound(s) = General collective term used for volatile organic compounds/components that evaporate easily