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Auto-K glass-fibre fleece

Auto-K glass-fibre fleece

Auto-K glass-fibre fleece is ideally suited for coating the outside of metal sheets when repairing perforation corrosion, cracks, holes and cavities.

(0,5 m2)
745 318



  • Coating of perforation corrosion, cracks, holes or cavities in car bodies, caravans, boats and tanks or similar objects.
  • First remove all rust, old paint and grease from the repair area using Auto-K abrasive paper (rough).
  • Then sand and spray on Auto-K anti-corrosion primer.
  • Mix throughly the required quantity of Auto-K polyester-repair resin with approx. 2% hardener.
  • Smooth out the cut-to-size glass-fibre matting on a firm board (e.g. Resopal or glass) and apply a thick layer of the hardener that has been mixed with the repair resin using a putty knife.
  • Also coat the repair spot with the mixed repair resin.
  • Place the glass-fibre web onto the spot of damage and carefully press down with the putty knife.

Product benefits:

  • Produces an easy to process smooth surface

Package / packaging unit:

  • In a plastic bag 255mm length x 150mm width
  • PU: 25 units per box

Drying time:

  • 20-30 minutes


  • The glass-fibre fleece should be cut to size so that it ends on the edges of the spot of damage
  • After the drying time, smooth out any uneven areas on the outside of the sheet metal with Auto-K polyester filler